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                Expert Choice Cellular
                Free Government Cell Phone

                Free Government Cell Phone Service - South Carolina

                We now offer free cellular phone service to South Carolina residents!
                Get free minutes each month and a free mobile handset.

                Apply Now!

                If you or anyone in your household is receiving assistance from one of the programs below, you are qualified for a free wireless plan and will get a free cell phone.

                Put in your application today! Just fill out the on-line form, submit it along with any required documentation, and you'll get mobile handset in just a few days.

                Lifeline Service

                low income family in SC

                The state of South Carolina recognizes the importance of telephone communications. However, many low income households have a difficult time affording home phone or cellular phone service. Lifeline is a Federal program which subsidizes those in need to pay for telephone service. With the help of Lifeline, more families can take comfort in the security that a cellphone provides.

                free wireless plan

                Lifeline Plan

                Our Lifeline plan provides 350 anytime minutes per month. There is no contract, no credit check, and no obligation. You can cancel at any time with no cancellation fee.
                Minutes on the Lifeline plan expire each month on your service expiration date and do not roll over. Also get text messaging with this plan.


                SC free mobile plan

                In February of 2012, the FCC reformed their Lifeline program and set uniform qualification standards. Qualifications in SC follows the Federal default guidelines like most states in the U.S. Residents qualify for Lifeline benefits only if they participate in at least one program listed here:

                • Supplemental Nutrition Ass't Program (f.k.a. SNAP)
                • Section 8 Fed Public Housing Ass't (FPHA)
                • Medicaid
                • SSI or Supplemental Security Income
                • Veteran’s Pension or Survivor’s Pension Benefit
                • Income at or below 135% of federal poverty level


                Get South Carolina FREE Mobile Phone Service!

                South Carolina Cell Phone Service

                Apply Today

                All you need to do is submit the on-line application with the required proof of eligibility. We'll get your handset out to you right away!

                No bills, no contract.
                Pay nothing! EVER!

                Wireless plans in SC include Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, and Voicemail.

                Free Wireless Plan

                Your free wireless plan will remain active as long as you remain eligible and use your service monthly.

                Your source for FREE gov't cellular plans in South Carolina