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                Expert Choice Cellular
                Free Government Cell Phone

                Free Government Cell Phone Service

                free mobile plan

                Get up to 1000 anytime minutes per month and pay nothing.

                Apply now for your free cellular plan and free cell phone and receive your handset in just a few days.

                If you are a resident of one of the states listed in the table below and you are currently participating in a government assistance program such as Medicaid, SNAP (FoodStamps), or Section 8 housing or, you are a low income household, you qualify for a Lifeline cellphone plan!

                For more information, click on your state
                Arizona Indiana Kansas
                Arkansas Maine Kentucky
                California Maryland Oklahoma
                Colorado Michigan Rhode Island
                Louisiana Minnesota Texas
                South Carolina Missouri Washington
                Iowa Nebraska West Virginia
                Illinois Nevada Wisconsin
                Georgia Pennsylvania  

                Easy Application

                wireless plan

                It's simple to apply on-line for this Lifeline subsidized plan. Just click on your state above. Your state's page will have an details of the wireless plan available to you and a link to the on-line ordering process.
                Read the qualification requirements, fill out the form, then submit. Your order will be processsed as soon as we get your order and any required proof of qualifications documents. Your free mobile phone will be on it's way to you, ready to use with Lifeline wireless plan minutes. You should receive your new handset in just a few days.
                You'll never receive a bill and your minutes will replenish every month. If you need more minutes you may purchase them at a reduced rate.

                Do I Qualify for a Free Government Mobile Plan?

                gov't wireless plan

                Free government phone service is made possible by the Lifeline program. Lifeline is a Federal program that gives you a discount on basic telephone plans because it is subsidized by the government, making it more affordable for low income families. That Lifeline discount provides the free minutes for you to use each month. Those that are currently enrolled in a government assistance program like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, SSI, etc. are qualified for Lifeline. You can also qualify based on your household income.

                Read more about the Lifeline Program and the Qualifications.

                Expert Cellular is the place for a Free Government Phone plan.

                  Government Free cell phone Plan

                No Contract

                A cellphone can be a life saver. Make sure your family has the security that mobile service can provide.

                • Local calling
                • Long Distance
                • Text Messaging
                • Call Directory Assistance
                • 911
                • Voicemail

                Free Long Distance - Your free wireless plan includes long distance calling. Eliminate those long distance charges from your home phone bill!
                Stay in Touch
                You can get the peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe and secure by just calling them. Now you can have a mobile phone that will keep you in touch with those you care about. Don't wait any longer. Fill out your application today. Start by clicking on your state.
                Don't miss that call!
                Being available to those that need you can make a difference. Don't miss that important call from your childs school, from your employer, or about that job interview.

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