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                Expert Choice Cellular
                Free Government Cell Phone

                Free Government Cell Phone Service - Georgia

                Georgia residents who are in any government assistance programs like the Supplemental Security Income or Food Stamps are qualified for a free cellular phone plan and handset.

                Apply Now!

                Quick and Easy Application

                If you are a qualified low income household in Georgia, just fill out the on-line application by following the "Apply Now" button above, and you'll get your wireless handset in just a few days, at no charge.

                You'll receive 350 anytime minutes per month for no cost and a free mobile handset. If you run out of minutes before your monthly refresh date, you can buy more at great low rates on a pay-as-you go basis.
                With your free service you can make local and long distance calls, send and receive text messages, and access voicemail.

                Your account will reset to 350 minutes each month automatically. You won't get a bill because those 350 minutes are free!. There is no credit check, no contract, and no obligation. You may cancel the plan at anytime. But, as long as you use the minutes and remain eligible, it will continue for free.

                GA gov't phone

                Lifeline in GA

                With your free service you get Call Waiting, Caller ID, and Voicemail.

                You can verify your eligibility here. Then, get started by clicking the Apply Now button above. Get started now! Take advantage of this government assistance program that was created to help low income families afford telephone communications. Don't miss that new job because you don't have a phone! Don't neglect the safety of your family because you can't call for help! Enroll in the Lifeline program today.


                Easy to Get FREE Mobile Phone Service in GA!

                Free Georgia Cell Phone Service

                Get Started

                All you need to do to get your wireless handset and start your no-cost plan is to fill out the on-line application / Lifeline certification form then provide any required proof of program participation documentation along with identity verification. We'll have your handset out to you right away!

                No long term contract or cancellation fee.
                No early termination fees
                No Bill.
                Pay nothing! EVER!

                Your provider of free gov't mobile plans in Georgia.