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                Expert Choice Cellular
                Free Government Cell Phone

                Free Government Cell Phone Service - Arkansas

                Arkansas residents receiving government assistance are qualified for free cellular phone service and a free wireless handset.

                Apply Now!

                Get Started Today

                Get started right away! Just fill out the on-line form, submit it along with any documentation of eligibility and identity that may be required, and you'll get your handset at no cost right away.

                Free anytime minutes.

                AR wireless

                You'll get up to 350 minutes of talk time each month for free and a handset for no charge. If that's not enough, you can purchase more time at great low rates on a pay-as-you go basis. You can place local and long distance calls, access voicemail, and send and receive text messages.

                Every month your minutes will automatically be added to your account. You won't get a bill because the service is FREE!. You have no contract, no credit check, and no obligation. Cancel your service whenever you want. But, there's no reason to cancel because it's FREE.

                Cell plan IL

                Lifeline Assistance

                Arkansas residents who are considered low income households are eligible to receive a subsidy of $9.25 off of their telephone bill under the Federal Lifeline program. If your income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty level for the number of people in your household, or if a member of your household is enrolled in a program such as SNAP, Supplemental Security Income, Federal Public Housing (Section 8), Medicaid, etc., we will send you a wireless handset and give you a free wireless plan.


                Easy to Get FREE Cellphone Plan!

                free Arkansas mobile plan

                Easy to Apply

                All we need is for you to submit the on-line application / Lifeline certification form with any required proof of program participation documentation and identity verification. We'll get your phone out to you right away!

                No bills, no contract.

                Pay nothing! EVER!

                Your provider of free government mobile phone plans in Arkansas.