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          Documentation for Program Participation

          Those who wish to get Lifeline benefits and qualify by means of enrollment in a qualifying gov't assistance program must show some type of proof of being in that program.

          If you are in the SNAP (Food Stamp) program, just take a picture of your card showing your name and number and upload or send that to us.

          Acceptable types of proof are:

          • Program participation documents (like Supl Nutrition Ass't Pgm (SNAP), Medicaid card, EBT - electronic benefit t-fer card. Just send us a picture of the card!
          • Capture the screen display from your EBT online account. (Capture picture should display your name and last 4 digits of your account number along with your account status.)
          • A participation notice letter from a state program, federal program, or Tribal ass't program
          • A statement showing benefits from the federal, state, or Tribal assistance program.
          • Some other documention officially demonstrating that a person in your household is getting benefits from a state, federal, or Tribal qualifying program

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          EBT On-Line
          Follow the link for your state below to log into the EBT account and provide us with proof of your eligibility. If you don't already have an account, you can create one by going to the website.
          Just send us a screenshot of your account showing your name and the EBT card status. You can capture a screen shot by holding down the ALT key and pressing the "Print Screen" key. Then "paste" that into an email to us.

          Arizona Arkansas Colorado
          Georgia Indiana Iowa
          Illinois Kansas Kentucky
          Louisiana Maryland Minnesota
          Maine Michigan Missouri
          Nevada Nebraska Oklahoma
          Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
          Texas Washington West Virginia

          All documents produced to show proof of participation in a gov't ass't program will be destroyed by the Lifeline provider after being reviewed.


          Lifeline Eligibility

          If you are in a qualifying government assistance programs, you could be eligible to get the Lifeline wireless plan.
          To be able to get the Lifeline wireless plan, you need to show proof that you're enrolled in a program that qualifies you.
          The list shown here (at left) is acceptable as proof.

          Qualification can also be established if you can show that the income for your entire household does not exceed 135% of the poverty level defined by the federal gov't.